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To achieve fast and high-quality lumber drying, the most the best use of the combined drying technology, where all the advantages of each technology dryers were connected. Microwave energy heating wood vacuum at low temperatures, especially moisture withdrawal from deep pores. These cameras are applicable to all types of wood, with high performance and without defect conventional convection and vacuum drying. The drying cycle is 12-24 hours (soft wood), 36-48 hours (hardwoods) using the timber and woodworking industry for drying lumber and building rounded logs, profiled timber and also for drying materials in the production of houses.

To avoid damaging the tree structure, you need to apply a combined drying technology - microwave + vacuum. All of our drying ovens are designed according to customer requirements. Therefore, we have already established a large number of microwave vacuum drying chambers. The use of these devices provides improved performance, high-quality timber drying and reducing drying time