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Products and services:

Offer: White wood, pine, spruce, fir lumber

Volume: 100-5000 m3 per month
Thickness: 22+ mm
Width: 75+ mm
Length: 3000-6000 mm
Grading: Nordic TC (blue book) grading rules
Quality: A-B grade
Drying: KD 15%

S4S surfaced (could be easy edged)
Offer: Bianco legno Pino

Volume 12000 m3 all'anno
Spessore 20-60 mm
Larghezza 100-200 mm
Lunghezza 6.000 millimetri

Classificando le norme del sistema euro:
Forza classificato - carcassa classificati legname (EN338-EN1310)
Qualità C16, fresco segato (legname secco)
Offer: Softwood Lumber - Fir, Spruce, Pine

Volume 12000 m3 per year
Thickness 20-60 mm
Width 100-200 mm
Length 6000 mm

Grading system euro norms:
strength graded - carcass graded sawn timber (EN338-EN1310)
Quality C16, Fresh sawed (dry lumber)

Sells to: Worldwide
Offer: Hardwood Lumber - Birch

Volume 3000 m3 per month
Thickness: 1"-4" (20-100 mm);
Width: Random 4"-10" (100-300 mm) ;
Length: 8-10' (2450-3000 mm) ;

Grading system NHLA grading rules
Quality Select, 1
Drying Kiln dry (KD)
Description Edged Lumber;
Species: Birch (Silver Birch);
Origin: North-West;
Moistur Content: 8%;
Surface: S2S & S4S;
Scaling: Net Tally (After KD);

Sells to: Worldwide